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About Us

Affordable Bikes, Quality Repairs, and a Commitment to Community Growth.
Since our inception in 2016, we've been committed to fostering a genuine community spirit. Our goal is to make sure families can afford bicycles for their rapidly growing children. Alongside this, we offer quality used bicycles in a variety of styles so parents can join their kids on their first trail rides.

What We Offer

Re-Buy-Cycle Shop, a premier bicycle recycling and repair hub in Victoria and nearby areas, specializes in superior repairs, servicing, and the sale of used bikes. We tailor our bike assembly to customer preferences, offering a range of options from Mountain, Road, and BMX to Recumbent and Hybrid bikes. If you have a unique vision for your bike, we're committed to bringing it to life.

Quality Repairs

Our experienced team specializes in bicycle repairs and servicing. We handle everything from minor tweaks to major overhauls, ensuring your ride is smooth and safe.


Bike Drop-off or scrap bikes and bike components are welcome. We also offer free removal services to help you declutter and save your old bike from the metal grinder.

Bike Parts

Located in Vancouver, our parts wholesaler quickly provides us with a broad range of bike components, tools, and accessories at varying prices.
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Children’s Free Bike Exchange Program

We firmly believe that every child should experience the joy of riding their own bicycle. Therefore, we've launched our free Children's Bike Exchange Program.

Step 1:

Bring in your child’s bike for the exchange.

Step 2:

Pick out an appropriately sized bike for your child.

Step 3:

This initiative includes children's bicycles with up to 18" wheels. If your child has outgrown their current bike, just bring it in, regardless of its type, and we'll exchange it for a more appropriately sized one at no charge.
Our program is designed to support families in need and foster a love for cycling among the younger generation by allowing them to upgrade their bikes seamlessly and without any financial burden.

Bike Inventory

Whether you're seeking a city cruiser, mountain bike, or a child's first ride, we have a sustainable and affordable solution ready to roll. At our store, you'll find an extensive range of reliable, pre-owned bikes, each meticulously inspected and refurbished for optimal performance.
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What Our Client's Say

These guys were great. I brought my (ew to me) not awesome condition used bike in to get it all fixed up, and they had the bike cleaned, tire replaced, seat fixed, new handle bar stem, and replaced all the messed up gear cabling in only a couple days, and for a really good price! They were also really friendly, and showed me how to use the gear changers because they weren't a type I was familiar with. I will definitely be bringing my bike back here for regular servicing!
Ryan Humphrey
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Rob "Bones" was awesome. He personally works with your little people to get them riding, before they leave. Our little guy loved his experience.
Peter Storie
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Stopped by today to drop off some used bikes, and what a great store and amazing kids program. Very knowledgeable and had the perfect bike picked out for our daughter in less than five minutes. She has been so scared to learn to ride but the experience of getting this new bike changed everything. She had us put the pedals on this same evening and she was zooming down our hill in no time. Excellent experience overall and we will definitely be back! Cheers
Janna Kucharsky
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Wonderful people who know everything there is to know about bikes. I have been there multiple times just for fun because the inventory is always changing and they have amazing deals. If you are thinking about buying a bike and looking at walmart or canadian tire I highly recommend not buying those bikes and going with a used one that can be fit perfectly to your size from the good people at Re-Buy-Cycle Shop. - 2021 Update: Just got another bike and as expected it is perfect and performs wonderfully. 10/10 customer service that makes you feel like you’re with your friends
Keegan Wheeler
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These people are awesome! Has a deep community feeling when you deal with them. Super helpful, not pushy with selling AT ALL, smart, happy nice people. Made the used bike market feel like you're buying a new bike! 10/10 !!
Erika Schreiner
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What excellent service! I took my Son’s bike in today to have the chain and gear derailleur adjusted. The tech straightened out the bent derailleur, changed the broken kick stand, and adjusted the tension on the chain, to ensure the bike is well ready to ride again. All this for less than $30! I was quoted $150 at another local bike shop, which I will not be returning to. This tech also having just come back from a break performed this service right away. My son was super excited to ride his bike again today. Thank you for the great service! I will definitely be back to Re-Buy-Cycle Shop.
HypeR Dylan
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