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Who We Are

We are Re-Buy-Cycle Shop, a bike recycling and repair shop based in Victoria B.C. We specialize in quality used bikes of all sorts and sizes, saving abandoned and abused bicycles from being discarded. Instead, we repair them, reclaim usable parts, and transform them into well-functioning bikes ready for a new adventure.

Community Involvement

Join us in our mission. Be a part of the solution - recycle your bicycle!
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The Shop

We took a leap of faith when we moved into our current shop. It was a significant risk, but we believed in our mission. Today, we're excited about our expanded space, particularly in promoting our children's bike exchange program and repair services.


Through our relationship with the CRD, we're working to divert children's bikes destined for the Hartland Landfill Facility, saving hundreds of repairable bikes from being dumped each year. Our future plans include providing a repair station for riders to learn and perform their own repairs, further promoting a culture of recycling and self-reliance.

Our Goals

Our goals are simple - ensure every child can experience the joy of riding a bike and prevent any salvageable bikes or parts from being wasted. We envision a future where every discarded bike is either donated to those in need or refurbished with a little TLC.

Meet Our Team

Rob “Bones” Barron

Rob “Bones” Barron

A biking enthusiast with 40+ years of riding and 30+ years in bike mechanics. He's worked as a Pedi-cab mechanic at Kabuki Kabs, and in a bike recycling shop, Cyclopathe, in Montreal. Living in Victoria for 40 years, Rob has a large network beneficial to our shop. He ran his own business, Pallet World, for 6 years after completing a business course with the Jim Reger Group. His diverse experience includes customer service, sales, administration, and personnel management.
Rob Keats

Rob Keats

A lifelong Victoria resident, boasts 35+ years of cycling and bike repair experience. He's worked at Fairfield Bicycle Shop, and for 10 years offered free bike repairs from his home-based shop. Rob specializes in custom builds, hydraulic brake systems, older suspension rebuilds, and custom LED light installations. Known for his innovative thinking, Rob is the go-to expert for both routine repairs and custom bike transformations.
George Louie

George Louie

A lifelong cyclist and self-taught bike repair expert, who, since 2016 has been honing his skills in our shop. Despite no prior professional bike shop experience, his personal practice and management abilities make him an invaluable asset. His proficiency in organization and inventory management complements his natural talent for bike repairs.
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Parts for bikes on a rack in the Re-Buy-Cycle Shop


Re-Buy-Cycle Shop was born out of a shared passion for cycling and a longstanding friendship. Robert "Bones" Barron, Rob Keats, and George Louie, the founders of our shop, have been close friends for over 30 years. They've been riding bikes since their childhood and decided to turn a lifelong hobby into a community-supportive, environmentally-friendly business.

Our journey began in December 2015 as a tribute to a dearly departed friend. The first few bikes were assembled under a gazebo tent, braving the harsh winter elements. With parts collected over the years, we started piecing together a few bikes. By early 2016, we had officially registered Re-Buy-Cycle Shop and opened our gazebo doors to the public.
When we first met, we had no idea that all of our years of experience riding and repairing our own broken bikes would lead us to start our own bike shop. A few months after registration, we moved into a two-car garage that housed 50 bikes, enabling us to expand our operations.

October 23rd, 2016 marked a significant milestone for us. We signed the lease for our new retail store at 1112 Goldstream Ave., transforming a neglected property into a vibrant hub for cycling enthusiasts. Despite the daunting task of organizing and cleaning, we managed to create a system out of chaos.

Now, we offer three repair stations and a wide range of "Ready to ride" bikes, including over 50 children's bikes for our free kids exchange program! Our mechanics and volunteers have their own unique skill-set. Between Bones and the Re-buy Team, we’ve managed to successfully accomplish almost every challenge we have been faced with.
Rob Barron repairing a bike in his shop
Bicycle Frames hanging inside of the Re-Buy-Cycle Shop

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